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Education provides sustainable energy for the development of the country and the society.
Focus should be on spreading quality education by educating masses and eliminating loop holes inpresent education system. Jnana Jyothi Educational Institutions was established in 2003-04 with zeal of providing excellent activities for all round development of the children. We are proud to say that the education and service of our teaching fraternity has made parents repose their trust in our efforts and encourage us in making it one of the most well knowned institution of this area. We hope to improve the education by offering various courses in our institution. We are sure that the people of Yelahanka and surrounding areas who have put their trust with us, extend the same co-operation and support in the future endeavors what we undertake. We welcome to you whole heartedly to support the quality of education and to serve the students the knowledge of thirst to get them up to the last drop. Our motto is to serve the students upto their verge

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